Entering The World of Blogosphere

Welcome to my first official blog post! Like many, I have entered into the uncharted waters of 100+ million bloggers worldwide. People discuss a range of topics that range from the latest fashion in Paris to new technologies that will be hitting the market next month in Japan.

And yet, my effort to blog as a mental health professional is quite a unique one. How so? Well, precisely for the same reason that I have become so invested in the field of therapy - "because while 100 million people have a blog in some way, shape or form very few in the industry are actually a part of that astounding figure" as David Diana would argue.

This blog is designed to offer readers useful tips, resources, and insights pertaining to the field of psychology and sex therapy. My hope is that it will contain information that will be of direct benefit to you or someone you may know interested in the field. So...

-If you are interested in learning about the newest research in the field of psychology then this blog is for you.

-If you are looking to understand and research areas in the field of counseling and sex therapy, then this blog is for you.

-And if you are looking to simply expand your knowledge of what is out there from a mental health professional standpoint then you are indeed in the right spot!

I look forward to sharing all that I uncover! Look for my next post in one week!

-Melissa Risso

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