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Counseling Services



Individual Counseling

Are you experiencing anxiety? Feeling overwhelmed or stressed in your life? Individual counseling can help.


Do you feel like you and you partner(s) need to improve communication skills? Need premarital counseling? Feeling lost in your relationship(s)? Couples therapy can help you learn the skills to begin having a fulfilling relationship. 

Sex Therapy

Are you having sexual health concerns? Want to improve intimacy in your relationship(s)? Generally, want to learn more about sexual health? 

Talk-based sex therapy

can help!


Are you looking for a professional to speak about mental health, sexual health, or a therapy-related topic? Melissa has presented at over 70+ conferences, meetings, and events. Schedule her to speak at your next event today!

Therapist Consultation

Are you seeking to open your own private practice and not sure where to start? Looking for help on your AASECT application?

Melissa can help! Review the services offered below. 

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