Certified Sex Therapist. Researcher. Professor. Californian.  

Professional Line: I am an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist where I practice therapy as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Mateo, California. Over the last two decades, I have worked with individuals from all over the state of California including working as a certified domestic violence counselor, a therapist in school settings ranging from preschool to college, counseled teens in a local drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, and provided private practice work to individuals and couples. My most recent experience includes teaching Master's level college students, providing sexual health counseling services, and studying intimacy, connection, empathy, and relationships as a researcher. 



Personal Line: I believe everyone has a story to tell that deserves to be heard. It is an honor that my clients have the courage and trust to share with me their stories, especially during some of the most challenging times in their lives. My motto in life is "Everyone deserves to live the best life possible." Therefore, I try to be grateful for every day and the challenges that life sometimes presents. I have an obsession with books and animals- the wall in my office is a dead giveaway. I also deeply love my family, friends, and time to reconnect to myself. 




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