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Infidelity is one of the most life-altering events a person can ever experience. Not only a person's faith and trust in his or her partner is shattered, but often a person feels as though his or her entire life's foundation has been greatly altered. People have described their reactions as ranging from total despair, unspeakable rage to an inability to function at all.


But people can survive this trauma, regardless of whether they stay married or get divorced. The realization that "I'm not alone – I can do this!" can be very empowering for a person in his or her journey toward healing and strength.


Infidelity Counseling Network helps women heal from the pain of infidelity through free, confidential, one-to-one telephone peer counseling. Their trained volunteer peer counselors are women who have themselves survived infidelity, and they support each client in her personal recovery from this trauma whether her relationship ends or mends. Learn more at











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Infidelity Counseling Network
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